Aerospace structures such as airplanes, missiles, rockets, space planes, and satellites are becoming more and more complex, and the number of adhesives and sealing materials used is also increasing. The proportion of common adhesives and sealing materials is around 1.2-1.5. For a large airplane, the weight of adhesives and sealing materials can reach hundreds of kilograms or even more. If the specific gravity of the material can be reduced to 0.7 to 0.9, the weight of the whole machine can be reduced by 20 to 30%, which means that the aircraft's onboard capacity is increased, or the range is increased, or the fuel consumption is reduced. The effect is very impressive. Hollow glass microspheres are non-combustible, thermally insulating, electrically insulating and chemically inert. They are formulated into microsphere adhesives or microsphere seals.,could be used for aircraft cabin floor or engine compartment firewall seals, or used as adiabatic and anti-ablation seals for aerospace systems,such as missiles and rockets, etc.According to the report of the American Grumman Space Association, foam glass ceramics filled with hollow glass glass beads can be used on space shuttles and space vehicles. .Shenzhou spacecraft,it’s the most important event of China’s space program.The ablation materials of the return cabin of it are mainly low-density ablation materials prepared with hollow glass microspheres.In a word,the low-density ablative material prepared with hollow glass microspheres is an important thermal protection material in manned spaceflight technology.
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The recommended models:25P1500,32P3500