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1.Emulsion explosive
Since the advent of emulsified explosives, in terms of improving detonation performance and storage stability, countries around the world have conducted many research improvements on formulations, sensitization and equipment. In order to generate the hot spot and obtain the necessary detonation sensitivity and sufficient explosive energy in the emulsified explosive body, the bubble-bearing material must be added in the mixing process, which can be used as a density regulator and can also play a sensitizing role. At present, China The most commonly used bubble materials for emulsified explosives are chemical foaming agents and pearl salts. The disadvantages of the former are that the density of the explosive is not easy to control, the storage time is short, and there is an aftereffect; the disadvantage of the latter is that the explosive is vulnerable to its particle size, strength and oil resistance Limitation, low explosive performance and short storage period. The hollow glass microspheres contain inert gas, which has low density, low thermal conductivity, low oil absorption rate, especially density, particle size, compressive strength and chemical composition adjustability, which is impossible for other density regulators, so it is very Suitable as density regulator and sensitizer of emulsified explosives. The introduction of hollow glass microspheres in emulsified explosives overcomes the above shortcomings, greatly improves the detonation performance of explosives and significantly improves storage stability
Hollow glass microspheres have the characteristics of light weight, low density, and good thermal insulation properties compared with ordinary glass microspheres due to the hollow nature. They are the main raw materials for thermal insulation coatings. Due to its small particle size, which is equivalent to or greater than the fineness of fillers used in ordinary coatings, it can be added directly to the coating system as fillers, so that the coating film formed by curing the coating has thermal insulation properties. Hollow glass microspheres are used in coatings, and the prepared solar heat reflective heat-insulating coating has the properties of high heat reflection and high radiation, which improves the thermal insulation performance of the coating. In addition, after the paint is dried, the hollow microspheres are closely arranged to form a complete hollow insulation layer, which not only has good heat insulation effect, but also has excellent sound insulation effect. Using hollow glass microspheres as the core material, the surface of the microspheres such as copper plating, nickel plating, silver plating, etc. was metallized by electroless plating process to obtain a complete conductive metal powder coated on the surface, which is used as the conductivity of electromagnetic protective coating The filler has the advantages of low density and good electrical conductivity. The hollow glass microspheres are added to the fire retardant coating. The results show that the hollow microspheres can significantly improve the fire retardant performance of the fire retardant coating.
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