Building Materials

1.Artificial marble and agate products
Hollow glass microspheres are used in artificial marble and have many advantages: improving performance,improving texture layout and color continuity, increasing aesthetics,reducing curing time,having a faster mold turnover speed,improving impact strength, improving turtle resistance cracking ability, improving the machinability, reducing the weight.
Containing hollow glass microspheresResin30.237.41.466
Hollow Glass Microspheres3.826.8
Graph 1:Density comparison between normal artificial marble formulation and artificial marble formulation containing hollow glass beads
2. Repair composite material (putty)
The typical application of the composite material for repair is to add hollow glass microspheres to the resin to replace some fillers such as CaCO3 and talc powder to make various putty. It has light weight, strong adhesion, easy application, low shrinkage The advantages, especially the processing performance such as sanding and polishing are significantly improved. This kind of putty is widely used in repair work of glass fiber reinforced plastic products, automobiles, ships, machine tools and so on.
3. Polyester furniture
Polyester furniture is another application field of hollow glass microspheres, mainly to reduce its density.For example, it can make the density of the mixture reach 0.9g / cm³, while perlite is 1.09g / cm³, and calcium carbonate is 1.46g / cm³. At the same time, it also improves the processing performance of sanding and polishing, saving about 50% of man-hours. As the proportion of hollow glass microspheres increases, its stiffness also increases significantly.
In addition to the above three main applications, hollow glass microspheres also play an indispensable role in applications such as synthetic foam blocks, FRP spray paint process, glass fiber winding and pultrusion processes.If you have interested,please feel free on contact us to know more.
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The recommended models:15P500,20P1000,25P1500